Integrated Essences
Helping You Integrate The Essences Of Life!

Do you desire changes in your:
  • BODY: Improved health, better stamina, weight loss, etc...
  • MIND: Better memory, positive outlook, uplifted emotions, etc...
  • SPIRIT: Spiritual connection, deeper meditation, well-being, etc...
Let Integrated Essences help you Integrate the Essences of Life. The pure and natural energies of essential oils and flower, crystal and stone essences will help you reach your desires.

image Integrated Essences provides you the experience of energetic essences from the plant and mineral kingdom. A unique line of flower, crystal and stone essences are offered for personalized support.

These essences are available in dosage and stock form and custom blends.  Custom essence blends are made by infusing flower, crystal and stone essences in activated water and are enhanced with essential oils.  Many blends for common issues already exist. 

High quality pure medicinal grade and therapeutic grade essential oils are offered for the individual seeking natural remedies.  And a unique line of aromatherapy diffusers are available to enhance the essential oil experience.

All essence products are available in dropper and spray form.  All essential oils are available in euro dropper bottles.  Enjoy pure flower essences, pure crystal essences, pure stone essences, pure essential oils, synergistic blends, sprays, drops, massage oils and more...
hummingbird The Integrated Essences Exhibit at the 2008 Gem Show was a wonderful success.
Thank you to all who came by! 

See you next year!